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What to expect


Your first session:


  • Detailed questions about medical history

  • "The 10 Questions" to gather details on current/chronic imbalances

  • Pulse diagnosis

  • Tongue analysis


This usually takes between 15 minutes and a half hour.  Once these steps have been completed, you will usually lie down and treatment will start. 


The acupuncture points will be selected and sterile needles will be gently placed in those points.  It is normal to feel the needles and to be aware of them, but nothing should feel unpleasant or painful.  You may also feel tingling, movement in your body, warmth or itching.  This is all ok and means that the needles are doing what they are supposed to. 


Please wear loose-fitting clothing and shoes that are easy to remove.  Most points are accessible if your sleeves roll up to your elbows and your pants roll up to your knees.  If you are not wearing appropriate clothing, privacy and gowns/draping is always available.  


It is important to drink a lot of water the day of treatment to help flush out any impurities released into the system. 


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